My Learning educational resources

The challenge
Museums Yorkshire needed to reach out to their young visitors in a way which would help engagement of the museum pieces, whilst providing youngsters with tangible learning outcomes. We developed a series of resources to meet with different Key Stage objectives, including:

KS1&2 Science (Car Constructor)
KS2&3 Citizenship and Art& (My Culture Quest)
EYFS/KS1 Science SEN, KS2 Science, KS3 Science SEN, Lifelong Learners (Superbugs)

EYFS/KS1 Music, KS2 History, KS2 ICT, KS2 Literacy, KS2 Music, KS2 Science (Fossils games)
EYFS/KS1 History, EYFS/KS1 Literacy, KS2 History, KS2 SEN, KS3 SEN (Samuel Pepys and the Great Fire of London)>
EYFS/KS1 Science, KS2 History, KS2 Science (Transport Explorer)

Our approach
Working with the individual museums and their learning managers we started by understanding the needs of the museum, then married those needs up with the needs of the learner. We brought our own enthusiasm for play and learning through play to the projects and combined with our educational expertise we were able to ensure the resources were useful and relevant, whilst also appealing and fun to all.

We wrote the brief initially to ensure everyone was happy with the concept and initial idea. We then created the storyboard, the game concept and the ideas for the graphics before beginning programming. Each resource underwent a process of testing and proofing and we produced a series of proof stages during the build in order to assess the development and make any amends. We understand these things can be subject to chance and take a flexible and agile approach to each stage of the development.

For most of our resources we also produce a series of marketing materials to help promote it and with the uptake of social media we now also run weekly campaigns to ensure they are not forgotten!

The results
The impact of the resources has been measured in terms of click throughs from the MyLearning website. And we are proud to say that Superbugs alone attributed nearly a million hits in 2012.
• 1 million hits in 2012
• Averaging 8000 hits per month so far in 2013.

Fantastic feedback and user experience