Communication Matrix

One key areas of support we provide for many of our clients is the creation of a communications matrix. This helps us identify the needs of customers, the business and the opportunities to meet these needs through communications.

Communications Matrix


We focus on a number of areas –

  • Goal of communication – why are we communicating?
  • Content overview – what are the key messages needed?
  • Channels/toolkit – what is the best channel to use?
  • Client touch points – How can customers/clients find the communications?
  • Effort required by customers – Is this something easy or hard – how can we make it easier?
  • Customer considerations – What will the customer be thinking about at this stage of the process?

By producing this matrix we can then begin to test its effectiveness, spot possible blockers and help guide what communications materials need to be produced. We then return to the matrix at set times to improve and add changes based on feedback, changing circumstances and data from the use of the communication materials.

This is approach is particularly important for complex, long-term approaches to communications and marketing. Without getting the fundamentals right, you can spend a lot of time, effort and money on materials that do not do what you need them to do.