Helping celebrate 25 years

York Science Park has now been helping businesses grow for 25 years. We were asked to help put together a celebration impact report and accompanying video outlining the impact the team have had and a look ahead to 25 more successful years.

We started by listening to the team – finding out what they considered to be the highlights and key milestones. Then it was time to speak to the businesses based at the Science Park to get the details.

Our approach was to split the report into five areas:

  • Environment for innovating
  • Environment for growing
  • Environment for learning
  • Environment for inspiring
  • Environment for leading

By agreeing the approach, talking with the right people and drilling down into data we were able to create a compelling story of the last 25 years with a look to the future.

Download the report.

The video built on the experiences of the residents and gave a voice to all the fantastic work happening at the Science Park.

What was best for us was the glowing thanks we got at the end – it was great working with the York Science Park team and we look forward to working with them again in the future!