Park View4U

How do you maintain the excellent reputation of a charity as it moves from a phase of high funding and building to a need to be self-sustaining?

This is the question we were asked to help answer.Park_View4U

Park View 4U successfully developed the Queen Elizabeth II Park View Playing Fields in Lytham to become a fantastic resource for the whole community with different outdoor areas, an education block and even a Forest School. The charity is now moving into a new phase to become self sufficient as the funding is set to come to an end in September.

We sat and listened, looked at what had been done before and worked on a strategy offering bespoke support and training in a way to suit the volunteers that make the charity so successful.

Key aim is to create a robust and comprehensive communications strategy that will:

Support the reputation of the park and its trustees

  • Improve local awareness and connections
  • Increased use of all the park has to offer
  • Increase the number of active volunteers
  • Ultimately increase revenue to ensure the future of the park

Successful communications will result in:

  • Local understanding of the objectives and standing of the park and charity
  • Growing number of people using the park and its facilities
  • Growing number of people using the cafĂ©
  • Growing number of schools using the park and facilities
  • Growing number of active volunteers

We are looking forward to working with them and raising the profile of all the great activities and people associated with the park.