Gilley the Giraffe

The  Encephalitis Society supports those effected by inflammation of the brain. One key area of work is supporting families and young people through education.

One member wrote a fantastic story to help explain encephalitis and we worked with her, the Society and an illustrator to put together a children’s book – Gilley the Girraffe.


Written for 3 – 9 year olds, it sensitively tells the story of Gilley a Giraffe who becomes ill with encephalitis. Following his illness Gilley finds many things more difficult and is upset when his friends make fun of him. An explanation of why Gilley has changed turns the situation around and his friends become very supportive.

This was followed up with games and activities based on the character that children affected by encephalitis will find them fun and beneficial to their recovery.

GilleyA great project to be involved with and a great cause.