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Rolls-Royce education resources

The challenge
Each year the community investment team at Rolls-Royce run a National award to celebrate excellence in science teaching. The Rolls-Royce Science Prize is in it’s 10th year and has awarded over £200,000 to UK schools to help them develop their ideas. We were chosen in 2008 to work with the Community team to help communicate the award winning ideas by translating them into Key Stage relevant educational resources, available to all teachers from the Rolls-Royce website.Every_journey_counts
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Gilley the Giraffe

The  Encephalitis Society supports those effected by inflammation of the brain. One key area of work is supporting families and young people through education.

One member wrote a fantastic story to help explain encephalitis and we worked with her, the Society and an illustrator to put together a children’s book – Gilley the Girraffe.

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